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    So you have finally put down the cash for a regulation sized, tournament ready billiards table. We are sure that you might have spent months thinking over it and have finally created the ultimate game room. But we're sure that you might have not prepared yourself for the 'not so easy' stuff –maintenance!

    We at Aywon Billiards have in our extensive years of experience observed many clients only being keen on buying their pool tables, but once the table is there, they forget that they also need to maintain it and keep their pool table look pristine.

    Sure, your table might look like an immaculate object, but trust us - your table is very sensitive. There are a lot of things that you should avoid in order to keep your pool table look its best.

    • Jewelry: may it be men or women, excessive handling with hand jewelry will damage the table cloth and one must remove them while playing on the table. It does not matter how small your jewelry is but a slight scratch can rip off your felt.
    • Coins: for all those gamblers out there, flipping and tossing a few quarters onto the table might look flashy. But did you know that these coins can create minute scratches on the felt that can later develop into substantial tears?
    • Cue tip: for all those amateur shooters, every time you create your impressive jump shots, you are actually digging the cue tip into the table and creating potential tear.
    • Kids and pets: it is highly advisable that you keep small children and pets away from the table because their careless mistakes can create huge destruction to your table.
    • Drinks: we know that entertainment is all about having fun playing and drinking. But if you keep your bottles on the table you're sure to damage the wood with moisture.

    If you need help, we are always here to help to buy, sell, hire, repair and maintain pool tables sunshine coast.

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